Wine Of Design brings together various creative icons with the best winemakers to reinvent the wine experience, producing a limited edition range of wines with all proceeds going to Make Poverty History.


Created by Rory Kent, Wine Of Design is another v-know production that seeks to make the wine story compelling to more people and at the same time also push the boundaries of wine packaging and design.


v-know began by producing events in 2006 that introduced the next generation of consumers to identities of the wine trade, and making the appreciation of wine enjoyable and alluring by debunking conventions, rejecting the stereotypical pomposity, and producing innovative ways for people to interact with wine. v-know continues its mission through productions like “Wine Of Design” and “The Young Gun of Wine Awards” and an evolving digital media at v-know.com.



The production of handcrafted wine is a beautiful thing. There is a great deal of interesting, passionate and warm people making wine. These people are typically agricultural and artistic which can partly explain how there is a connection missing between these people and their work, and the everyday or “non-fanatical” wine consumers. Wine Of Design seeks to inspire all fine wine producers to innovate their dialogue with new consumers. The other part to it is that consumers find wine falsely daunting and intimidating. So, through Wine Of Design, v-know identifies the characters, regions and products of wine in a manner that is approachable and compelling.


The guiding inspiration behind Wine Of Design lead us to bring outside thinking to wine packaging through the artistic influence of some of the most creative identities who wouldn’t ordinarily design a wine label, be they a musician, a chef, a painter, a fashion designer, etc. This makes sense because, when faced with so many options on the retail shelf, many consumers gravitate towards the wine whose packaging appeals the most and given there are seemingly endless amounts of wine and labels out there, a non-conventional approach was required.

The limited edition Wine Of Design 2009 range are available online at Wine Salon, and through a select few fine wine retailers around Australia. There are only 50 of each, all individually numbered. See the Available From section of this website for further details.


In addition to the winemakers, designers, and production partners, particular commendation goes to Zebra Paradigm and 3 Deep for bringing the vision to life, and to Wine Australia for their support.


All proceeds of the sales from Wine Of Design will be donated to Make Poverty History to help in its ongoing efforts to advocate for the world’s poor.


Make Poverty History is a coalition of more than 70 aid agencies, community groups and religious organisations who work to make sure the Australian Government honours its commitments made to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a global plan to halve poverty by 2015.


This includes things like more and better aid, and helping poor communities combat the effects of climate change.


Organisations like v-know are leading the way in forging partnerships with charities and NGOs. These partnerships are not an 'add-on', but are an intrinsic part of how they operate. Most importantly though, v-know is showing that making a difference doesn’t have to be a solemn affair!



It is easy to be overwhelmed by the scale of the problems Make Poverty History is tackling. So it was great to see an enthusiastic initiative from an organisation like v-know, who wanted to be part of the solution rather than dwelling on the problems; where the donation to Make Poverty History wasn't an afterthought, but central to their motivation for undertaking the project.


The money raised by Wine Of Design will make a huge difference in our ability to advocate for greater action to help the world's poor – thankyou.